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Creating websites is an adroit startup opportunity which allows you to differentiate from your challengers. It also allows you to promote its offering and values to the present, potential customers. An appealing home page which has attention grabbing user-friendly features is the best way to boost up your website engagement. But sometimes when you need to launch your website in hurry, many crucial components are neglected. The purpose of creating your website is not fulfilled that is to convert your customers and the result of neglecting them return to you with high costs.

And to find out what are the most important elements one should consider as a website startup 11 entrepreneurs were interrogated. And their answers were:  let’s check in my upcoming paragraphs.


1. Usability


It is quite often for any startup that they will focus their majority of efforts towards making their home page look adroit and with no doubt, it is important to consider the same. But what is the use of focusing on that? Well, it is required only to grab the attention of potential customers to your website and allowing them to interact with it. Question yourself what would you like your customers to focus on your website when they visit? And the answer to this will drive you everything you want your website to do for you.


2. An innovative 404 error page

An innovative 404 error page


Well, this is bound to happen. As technology may break anytime and your potential customers will be shown a 404 error page. So it would be great if you consider this inevitable situation to divert towards a great user experience just by allowing to communicate your brand. Consider this example of a company who does not break the stride whenever something goes wrong. Every touch in that situation may be designed in such a way that it will tell your story. Never avoid creativity.


3. Call to action

Call to action


Whenever someone visits your website what would you like them to do? This is very critical. You must have a strong call to action button on your home page. And I guess this is the only reason why you are having a website, isn’t it? There shouldn’t be any ambiguity about what they should do when they visit your website. Provide them the option of free trial sign up, call a number to get assistance, etc.


4. Explainer video or About us

 Explainer video or About us

Whenever anyone starts a business it is quite important to be clear to communicate the value of your company. For this, the explainer video is the best option to choose. Because as per the human nature they will prefer going through the video instead of reading the content of about us. From a study, it was noticed that 80% of the viewers go through the explainer video and this may on an average increase your conversion rate to 89%.


5. Case studies

Case studies


It was found that the serious readers will for sure go through your case studies as this will give them the idea how others customers like him or her got benefits of this. Also, how you helped other users in getting success. This column will give an idea to the viewers how your business function.


6. Concise copy

Concise copy

Every smart website will have a concise copy. You need to know where from your customers are approaching. Your concise copy will help them to know the values of your business and thus can be helpful in converting any potential customers.


7. Links to social media pages

Links to social media pages


Well, many startups get success in linking their homepage to social media pages whereas, there are some who fails in the same. Well, there are many startups who prefer keeping their social media links under the “Contact Us” option and to be very frank it only adds up steps which not required. So try put social media pages in front of our viewers so that they may generate the feeling at least to click on that.


8. Your page loading time

Your page loading time


Try to keep your website home page simple and clear. This will for sure impact the conversion rate. You cannot expect your visitors will be on the high-speed internet connection as nowadays, almost everyone will like to browse on their smartphone and there the speed may vary. From a research, it was found that even a second delay in the page response can decrease the conversation rate by 7%.


Over to you


Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the tips for business website startup. Share your views on this blog post and feel free to question any queries if any.

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