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What are the Start Up Tips for Online Business Strategies for 2017?

Search engines are the most demanding asset for the online business nowadays. From a recent report of Fleishman-Hillard, we come to know that 89% of users opt for the search engine to get information regarding products, businesses or services and then take any purchasing decisions.

The thing which being a businessperson you should know is that even a single negative information can be dangerous for your brand or business. As nowadays more people are active online who monitor your reputation and accordingly share opinions with other users. And we all know that at the present scenario online reviews are referred the most to judge the value of your products. And this is the reason why most of the start-up business are willing to build their online reputations. As this will help them to have a good impression in front of their customers.

Now let us discuss what the importance of having good online reputation are.


Importance of having Online Reputation


Importance of having Online Reputation


According to a research report, it was found that about 87% of customers believe that having a good CEO reputation is as important as having strong brand’s product. Also, having a good CEO reputation will help you to attract more media attention around 83%.   

At present, we can find a great shift towards having a good reputation for businesses and this is resulting in what and how companies will communicate. There are various fundamental changes made by the Internet and third parties which are resulting in the fading returns for the traditional media. With the increase in the use of social channels and public demand, the CEO’s reputation is becoming more significant than the brand itself.

Well, you might haven’t Google yourself before but there is a great chance that someone else can Google your name in accordance the information he or she might have gone through of you as a CEO. As there are various websites which can show reviews about you and your products. These reviews include your brand’s reliability, skills, and quality. So it is quite necessary that you should ensure that you are leaving an impressive reputation of you as well as your brand’s.

Doing this will ensure you the following benefits.

Increase in Consumers


Increase in Consumers


The above come into action due to the consumer’s referrals. The more consumers read your reviews the more they help your business to spread. Now let’s see some of the stats related to the referral marketing:


  • 65% of new businesses are the result of referrals.
  • Friend’s recommendation plays a vital role for the buying products.
  • 49% of U.S consumers say that their family and friends are the top sources of any brand awareness.


Your local SEO is Affected


Your local SEO is Affected


Well, only the online review is not important the consumer’s reference also plays a vital role in the organic search ranking. For a study, it was found that the online business reviews are quite important. It is considered one of the 20 ranking elements. Now let us see how reviews play a vital role in your ranking:

  • 9.8% important- The Global ranking factor.
  • 7.2% important- The Regional organic outcomes.
  • 12.3% important- Carousel/Pack results.


Various range of elements are present there which are involved in your ranking. You might be thinking that you cannot control your reviews but the truth is that this is one of the factors which is in your hand.

Your branding enhances


Your branding enhances


Marketing is all depended on people’s appeal and nature. As most of them go for the brands and not for the products. In general, if you are given a choice to buy the generic products or the branded one. Which one will you choose? For sure, the branded one, right? And this happens because you trust and already know that product.

And if anyone manages to get the positive feedbacks from the users then this will flourish your products with trust and confidence.  


Over to you


The online reviews have become an inevitable ladder to success. In addition to that, the online management tactics can provide various opportunities for your business.

Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your views and do follow our blog post on RebrandOne.


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