AOL Search Clone

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The “AOL Search Clone” is the most featured product of Rebrandone which is an exact replica of It Offers web results from Google, combined with multimedia and other content from AOL and various partners. With this product consumer will get fast-loading AOL Mail, today’s headlines and trending videos from your smartphone or tablet with the AOL App. Latest search engine news about AOL search data, AOL News, Number 38, Search Records, and Search Hours..


Super Intuitive search tools

Fast-loading, with new search tools that save users time.

Email Management

See the number of unread email messages right on your home screen.

Access to phone contacts

Access all your phone contacts very easily, in one place.


Swipe Gestures

Swipe to mark, move, delete, or flag emails.

Empty trash and spam fast

Tap once to remove all spam and trash from the inbox.

Get latest news and stories

Read stories and news from popular websites like MovieFone, StyleList, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Sports and Daily Finance.


Category wise search

Select and search on the basis of categories.

Remain Updated

Get instant notifications for upcoming breaking news and stories.

Full Entertainment package

Hottest entertainment buzz, and funny videos.


Share Stories

Share your favorite’s stories with friends and family via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Shares articles, videos

Share videos, articles and more via email, Twitter and Facebook
So, stay entertained, informed, and in touch with the breaking news and stories via utilizing one of the featured replicas of real AOL app “AOL Search Clone” of Rebrandone.


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