Autoblog Clone

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Autoblog poster is an automated blog poster that can update an unlimited number of feeds, Bloggers, WordPress blogs, Click bank products, and many more. Autoblog Poster is a complicated tool that allows posting of articles within the registered blogs. Before that, the script can automatically produce an e-mail address; automatically produce a diary on free diary sites like,,,
After verification of the account, it posts an article automatically. Once it posts an ensuing article, it automatically creates a link to the previous article. This tool helps us to build strong backlink to your main site or to automate a huge amount of backlink.


Auto Producing

The script can automatically produce an e-mail address.

Create multiple blogs

You can create multiple blogs that will have an appropriate place for them.

Post Articles

Posting of articles within the registered blogs.



Guest Post

Select various campaigns to post blogs.

Customize Captcha settings

Set Captcha settings according to your needs.

Easy Scheduling

Set Blogs and sites on the scheduler to make specific posts later.


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