Battery Doctor App Clone

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Battery Doctor is a FREE battery-saving application that can extend your battery life by discovering applications and settings that drain energy from your device. There are more than 150 million Android and iOS consumers who are using this app and are getting its advantages!
The must-have battery-saving app Battery Doctor has just published V3.1 together with other interesting features with the main feature update “one-tap energy saving.” Battery Doctor, a simple battery saver to increase your battery life by up to 50%. How often do you charge your mobile?
Is your Android device always drains its battery life? Need an app that can assist to keep your battery charge? Do you wish to have a similar applications, then definitely give a try to Rebrandone’s most interesting “Battery Doctor Clone” product, it’s the best power manager service that has gained more than millions of user’s trust. In other words, Rebrandone’s “Battery Doctor Clone”  is your one complete answer to all your battery related issues.



Manage Power

Adjust your battery draining settings and deactivate unnecessary mobile phone apps that drains your battery and raise the battery power using Rebrandone’s great “Battery Doctor Clone” product.

Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time

Find out how long your battery will last in different circumstances which includes by playing video games, while your Wifi, mobile data is on or off, etc.

Professional Charging

Regulate how your device is equipped with a distinctive 3-stage charging system to guarantee that you get the most out of your battery and do not overcharge your phone.


Widget Included

Use our useful widgets to optimize power consumption! The 4×1 widget makes settings (Wi-Fi, information, brightness, etc.) and energy saving modes simpler to handle.



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