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Cozy is an incredible marketplace for rental leadership. It disrupts people’s handling of rental property and generates the greatest quality experience for all who are concerned.
The site is completely free for renters and landlords to collect the fees. Anyone can easily search and apply for an apartment or property to list their rental property on Cozy.
Apart from all these things, the Cozy clone makes the rental process much easier for both landlords and renters. For landlords, they make collecting rent payments, tenant screening, and accepting online rental applications very simple. For renters, even with roommates, paying rent is a breeze. With Cozy’s Renter Profile, renters can also create a beautiful, secure, and verified application which they can use to apply anywhere.



Easy Rent collection

This amazing property rental software makes online rent collection quite faster, safer and easier than ever before. It is incorporated with almost all of the world’s payment gates (including Bitcoins). It is also possible to automate payments.

Extensive reports 

No-where can your customers see such smooth and crisp reporting of all the transactions, organized in an elegant way on all their characteristics in one location.

Collaboration payments 

This amazing rental estate software gathers all payments and one lump sum deposits into the landlords account. For example, If a room is rented by many roommates, others can send their share of the payment to the person in contact with the landlord and make it to the landlord as a one-time clean payment.



This strong rental estate software also provides the landlord with choices to screen tenants before they are accepted.

Verification / reference

This wonderful Rental property software script also provides the landlord with alternatives for verifying and validating the tenants request with references from past landlords, reference endorsements and social media.


There are modules in this rental property software to send invitations to tenants readily along with significant information about the estate, the owner, etc.



This clone script is considered to be much more powerful than COZY.CO itself. It is available in the most wanted property listing feature as well. Users can easily list out properties, homes, etc. for sale and as well as for rent. Landlords who are listing property for rent can also be benefited by the COZY clone features to manage RENT.

Responsive layout

It opens seamlessly on any mobile and handheld devices and the script available is multilingual. So anyone from any country can use it in their preferred language and desired needs.


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