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Ride sharing has proved to be an environmentally friendly way of driving. It has contributed to a more accessible and quicker way of traveling from one destination to another. Lesser road cars mean less noise and blockades of traffic.

It is now known to commuters and they turned to carpooling services on demand. You can also create an app like BlaBlaCar with us under the right conditions and fleet. Link drivers and riders with a fully functional BlaBlaCar app script created through our whitelabel solutions and comprehensive customization.


Easy Login

Instead of entering the information manually, passengers can register and login via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Select the ride

This unique feature allows passengers to check for rides on the basis of their desired time and reach the destination point. This will also include a variety of other details.

Widespread Search option

Through defining the ride specifications, this feature will allow passengers to search for the nearest available bus. Based on their needs, they can choose to take a group taxi or use individual rides.


Manage ride

Admin can handle all types of rides incorporated in the app and assign cars to the pick-up points listed.

Easily match and mingle

The software will automate the search process and pair drivers with passengers who have booked for the carpool based on the routes that the driver is going to take.

Automated messages

This feature sends alerts about the destination, travel details, and other relevant information to both passengers and drivers.



This feature allows drivers to pick up or drop off their respective destination co-riders who have been picked up along the way.

Reviews and Ratings

After the ride has been completed, along with the ride experience, the passenger will rate the driver. The driver can also rate the passenger and give feedback.


By using credit/debit cards, travelers can use the in-app Stripe payment portal to pay for their rides.



Passengers can switch the app’s default language to their native language in order to better navigate the app and book a service easily.

Real-time monitoring

For ‘ geo-tracking, ‘ passengers can monitor the driver/taxi in real-time, and likewise, drivers can track the pick-up position of the passenger.

Invoice Generation

This function creates an invoice following the completion of the ride. The invoice includes a description of the travel bill.



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