Clown Town Shooting Game Clone

$3,070.00 $1,999.00

Clown Town Shooting Game is one of the Rebrandone’s most popular IPhone games. The game created is based on the iconic characteristics of the “FruitNinja” game, but the wonderful characteristics that make Clown Town Shooting Game different from “FruitNinja” are the distinct kinds of clowns that appear on the screen randomly and disappear with some insane impact when you hit the clown. This play is much more exciting in reality than its sounds. So, a Rebradone product “Clown Town Shooting Game Clone” is the one you can own if you want to have a similar kind of game.



Various level modes

After clearing various levels while playing this game, you will experience a large number of enhanced features.

Scheduled time limit

This is one of the great characteristics that enhances the way this game is played and serves the ultimate user-friendly platform. Now players are able to plan their time and pause their game as scheduled and get back to it whenever they want.

Interactive Display

The striking backgrounds, funniest clowns and their different emotions attract players and make them play without getting bored for a longer moment.



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