Clubplanet Clone

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Clubplanet clone is about a niche lifestyle which appeals to youngsters more than adults. It works as a nightlife directory which can hold a wide range of information about various verticals like music, events, photos, parties, etc. The similar features of Clubplanet are embraces in the most budding product of Rebrandone Clubplanet Clone. This Clone of Rebrandone can able to sustain a community of friends with message boards & ability to find friends in your geographical area exactly in the same way Clubplanet do.
But the thing which makes it different from the real one is price and availability. In the store of Rebrandone’s official site, you will get “Clubplanet Clone” fast, easy and reliable. So don’t wait for others to recommend you. Grab the opportunity to own your personal “Clubplanet” with us.

It is the world’s largest nightlife and dance music community and promotions company. With outlets in every club capitol around the world and business solutions for club owners, promoters and the music industry, Clubplanet clone is your passport to one of the most desirable audiences around.

Clubplanet clone offers a variety of ways to get involved, both online and offline, from onsite branding and promotional mailings to event sponsorships and custom sites. Their corporate partners include companies such as IBM, Sony Music, Bacardi, Perrier, Finlandia, and Vindigo.



Plan your party

Community members can plan their party by filling a form.

Build Your Nightlife Community

Send the party invitation containing all the necessary details to all the other members present in your community.

Event Promotions

ClubPlanet Clone Script offers club rating and ranking feature. Users can view latest reviews of night club and bars and also share their own event in the channel.


Sell Tickets

Provides facility of online booking to join the parties and clubs in your area.Enables interaction with all the members of the site.

Manage and Update

Allows users to upload, like, share and comment on photos,videos. It also allows to plan and promote the party.

Promote Your Events

Admin can easily add events of his choice or suggested by users. Event profile page can be publicized and promoted.


Search filters

Users can search and view all the details regarding the event as well as the latest news and updates for the event, etc.Visitors can search events as per the type of the event like parties, concerts, special events…etc.


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