Crowd Booster Clone

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Crowdbooster Clone is an analytic tool for Facebook and Twitter that provides analytics with recommendations on how to make improvements including the timing of when you should send your updates. It also provides the facility to share scheduled content across the platforms.
Crowdbooster is a social media analytics tool that gauges both presence and performance of your business in social media and provides you with figures and analytics to optimize your strategies. The platform is integrated with powerful tools to help you come to data-driven decisions. Crowdbooster effectively helps in determining what strategies work for your business and what messages appeal to your audience and can generate the response you desire.
Crowdbooster users get real time data that helps them generate accurate reports and key performance metrics. These reports can be shared easily via the intuitive dashboard. Users can also export graphs and tablets for a more detailed custom report. Crowdbooster also lets users schedule unlimited tweet posts at the very best time.


Exigent Analytics And Reporting

Real-time analytics to provide you with the most up to date information.

Exporting Dashboards

Customizable dashboards with an option to export content to Excel.

Build Brand loyalty

Your loyal supporters are identified to enable to you to build a relationship with them.


Actionable Insights

Find out who to engage with, when to send content and what opportunities there are to improve.

Easier Dashboard Sharing

Collaborate with others e.g. share dashboards with clients.

Fast & simple analytics

Get detailed reports of your account and analyze the overall performance.


Real-time Metrics of Twitter and Facebook Accounts

Know how well your organization is performing against company targets and key metrics.

Easy and Customizable Dashboard

Simple to use dashboard that keeps your data organized and manage all of your data within one easy to access place.

Social Advocates Finder

Now find out social brands advocates easily that can bring remarkable success to your business and can even help in driving sales and leads


Audience Growth Tracking

Track record of your audience and you can measure the increase in those numbers every month, week, days. Also, you can determine the speed at which you are gaining new fans.

Intelligent Insights

Know rich insights of your business key trends such as influence, reach and work-life balance across your team and organization.


Easily collab with famous brands, people, companies etc.




Effectively manage access and permissions to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Schedule Unlimited Tweets and Posts

Schedule your content easily on Facebook and Twitter. You don’t have to schedule the same posts again and again. Also there’s no limit, schedule as many posts you want to.

Audience Engagement

Keep track record of people engaging with your business content and participation at your business meetings, events or company pitch.



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