CSV To IIF Converter Clone

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CSV to IIF Convertor Clone is just like SimplyConvert IIF Converter , which is a powerful and easy to use piece of software that allows you to convert CSV and QIF files downloaded from your online bank account to IIF files you can use for importing into QuickBooks.It currently supports advanced features such as removing repetitive strings from the Payee field as well as the ability to swap the Payee and Memo fields in the IIF file.



Download, install and run the software

Fast and easy download and installation process. Once it is downloaded and installed, you need to run the software and its done.

Select a file with transactions

You can directly select the file which you need to convert.

Review Transactions

Review transactions and click Convert to create a IIF file.




Import created file to Quickbooks

You can import the created files to quickbooks in just one snap.

Quickbooks transaction review

Review transactions in Quickbooks after importing.


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