DrumUp Clone

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DrumUp clone is social media management, content curation, and employee advocacy solution. It connects with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, and significantly reduces the time and effort you use to manage your social media presence. DrumUp utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to schedule and recommend content for social media based on the keywords you select. It helps you find and post engaging content on your social media accounts. The application mines through loads of content across the web in real time, and utilizes advanced algorithms to recommend fresh stories relevant to your audience. DrumUp does all the hard work for you. A smart workflow makes it simple for you to quickly review and publish posts to your social media followers. You can add multiple accounts to your dashboard and adjust their settings to your liking. Plus, you can track all of them in a single place to effectively manage and control your social media presence.


Social media scheduling

Automatic & manual/custom to multiple Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts connected to DrumUp along with scheduled calendar to overview queued content.

Keyword based content curation

streams of industry suggestions with hashtag and @mention suggestions.

RSS feed integration

To source information from top websites. new sites and a company’s own blog.


Content libraries

Organized in-app folders to save important posts to recycle in the future.


Starting from the content libraries to ensure that a company’s social accounts are never inactive.

Image editing

You can easily Edit/Create images for social media scheduling.


Click tracking & engagement analytics

You can use in-app URL shorteners & the like, share, click-tracking to know about all the moves and activities.

Employee advocacy & organic promotion

staff members are likely to freely promote an organization is highly related to the degree of employee engagement which helps in genuine work promotion.



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