Falcon.io Clone

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Falcon.io clone is one of the well known, renowned SaaS platform for customer experience management and social media marketing. It is intended to assist consumers to use a large number of tools that comes with the scheme to leverage the authority of social media and enrich the client experience. Using a single calendar, the product can efficiently handle all your content while monitoring output across all your social media channels. Customer interactions will also get a much-needed boost as everything is accomplished from a unique inbox.

Apart from that, by using this platform all audience data can be viewed as it is stored in one place. It provides users complete control over their procedures of social media leadership, allowing them to assign permission levels and user roles. The scheme can produce reports that assist companies to get an understanding of their social return on investment, analyzing metrics based on network, team results, or channel.


Social Media Monitoring

Managing the community, engaging with the users and customer support services can all be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re working on various social media networks. But, once you start working with Falcon.io you will be provided real-time social listening with a custom search option for queried with more than 4.8 million sources. You can also analyze the sentiments and get high activity alerts.

Social Media Publishing

Creating, scheduling, and previewing the posts, and using special planners like cross channel campaign planner makes the task management very simple and the whole process becomes easier and more time-efficient. Also, features like a responsive campaign page builder help you in building attractive and responsive pages which helps in making great Facebook and Instagram ads.

Social Media Engagement

Single multi-feed inbox is provided for all the available networks, which makes the entire process of routing and task assignment very simple. Apart from that, you can also check the sentiment and priority ranking in bulk actions by checking it by applying the custom filters.




Social Media Analytics

Helps you to gather and analyze the paid, owned and earned performance of the information from different social media platforms. You can also report unlimited content and benchmark it for future reference. Falcon.io also helps in shortening the URL which helps in easy tracking.

Social CRM

One of the best platforms to maintain the customer relationship manager which helps to enrich the customer profiles and customize them using various filters. Profile segment services are also provided with a user-friendly dashboard.


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