Flippa Clone

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 We offer you the Flippa Clone – your marketplace to buy and sell websites.

What is Flippa.com?

This online marketplace site provides a platform for users to buy and sell web properties including websites, online businesses, and domains. Flippa Clone offers best buying and selling websites.

Flippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling websites. It attracts a huge audience, and it offers great tools to increase your auction’s visibility. The platform has seen more than $140 million in sales since its 2009 launch. If you want to contribute to that number, heed the following advice.



Changes to Reserve Prices

To increase the seller transparency, sellers can now disclose the reserve publicly and the users can now easily and quickly view the reserve from the listing.

Request Support Feature

Facing issues with sale or any other? Our expert agents will come to your rescue and will get your issues solved within no time.

Bulk Management Tools for Domains

You can now upload domain portfolios easier and faster than ever. Get assured that you have a fresh portfolio of sellable domains listed for sale at all times.


Saved Search is Back!

You can now quickly set your buying criteria and opt for only the assets you are interested in.

Home Page Search

To make the search process easier for the users, now you have a search bar in the homepage from where you can search for anything.


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