Graffiti App Clone

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Graffiti App is a creative application for iPhone. Graffiti App memorizes your art creation – painting, drawing, sketching – everything. You can paint or draw the desired sketches, spray, change of color, save, undo, redo, clear etc. You will be able to send live Graffiti App arts to a friend who will be able to watch you draw from the first stroke to the last one.



Convenient tools used by real digital artists

Provides you attractive brush, backgrounds, overlays, textures and much more which are used by real life digital artists.

Size and intensity settings

Set up the unique letter size, style and outlines.

Undo/redo operation

Edit, undo and redo photo styles using this operation..


Simple and advanced color palettes

Users will have a huge number of highly advanced color palettes to provide your graffiti an appealing look.

Zooming tool for detailed lookout

To get the detailed lookout, you can use the zooming tool which provides the full picture.

Save and share

Saving and sharing animated graffiti through SMS or Email.


Internal memory saving

Saving your graffiti to internal memory as a picture.

Social media sharing

Sharing items on social networking sites.


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