IFTTT Clone, allows users to connect social media sites and other platforms and link them together when chosen triggers take place. This is really useful for automating some social media tasks. IFTTT is a free cloud service that allows for the process known as if-this-then-that (IFTTT), connecting two apps to complete a task on one app based on the condition on the other app. IFTTT supports a repository of applets and services for Android, iOS, Google and Windows platforms. Likewise, its open API lets you create your simple apps and connect them to other apps without any coding skills. For brands, IFTTT serves them as a platform to synchronize their product with different apps. The BMW example above is such a case. Other possible tasks with IFTTT include bookmarking, communication, blogging and education. By signing up for free, you access hundreds of applets and services in IFTTT’s repository. You can choose from dozens of categories from appliances to weather and connect two apps based on a predefined task. For example, connect an iOS smart lighting device with your phone to automatically turn on the lights once you are near the house or open the garage when your BMW is on the driveway. Other tasks include backing up Facebook photos on iOS Photos and getting an alert for missing your Fitbit goals.


Information Management

Services (formerly called channels) are IFTTT’s fundamental construction blocks. They portray primarily a sequence of information from a particular web service similar to eBay or YouTube.

Applet repository

Services may also define regulated behavior with some APIs, such as SMS. They can sometimes depict weather or stock data. Each service has a set of triggers and activities.


Triggers are an applet’s “this” component. They are the triggering objects of the action. For instance, you can get a notification based on a keyword or sentence from an RSS feed.


Desired results

Actions are an applet’s “that” component. They are the resulting output from the trigger input.

IF recipes (applets/services)

Applets are the predicates made from Triggers and Actions (formerly known as recipes). For example, an IFTTT app can send the photo to your Dropbox account (action) if you like a picture on Instagram (trigger).

Do recipes (applets/services)

Ingredients are fundamental information from a trigger — for instance, from the email trigger ; topic, body, attachment, date of receipt, and address of the sender.



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