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iMonitor EAM clone combines a single console with user activity surveillance, behavioral analytics and productivity instruments, preventing insider threats and increasing productivity.

iMonitor EAM clone provides unparalleled visibility in employees and contractors’ online communication activities. iMonitor EAM clone is a recording system. Recording detailed, accurate and actionable incident response data, high-risk insider monitoring and productivity reporting, recording every employee’s computer activity. iMonitor EAM seeks at maximizing the value of each worker and improving their productivity in all activities in one solution.


Web Activity report

iMonitor EAM clone supports all mainstream browsers capable of tracking all Internet-related operations, including: websites visited, immediate messages / chat, email sent / received, webmail, online searches, online downloads, accessed URLs, Skype file transfer, FTP file transfer, online storage, network traffic tracking & stats, etc.

Computer Activity Recording

Specific application usage ; print work documents ; removable devices such as USB stick, CD-ROM usage ; file activity (creating, moving, deleting, etc.) ; hardware and software asset ; IP address ; clipboard usage ; auto-run items ; etc. It will help you to know your employee better, particularly for a company based on LAN.

File Encoding

iMonitor EAM can encrypt files transparently. When the files have been sent, the driver layer is directly encrypted to ensure that all files sent are ciphertexts. The encrypted documents can usually be used on all of the company’s pcs with EAM client allowed for encryption, but not mounted on the desktop or disabled for encryption. There will be messy code that ensures that the data will not be disclosed.


Keystroke Recording

iMonitor EAM clone can monitor the keystrokes of your employees. Find out what he / she is currently typing and what data was previously entered. Help you count the complete number of keystrokes he / she enters every day.

Live Screenshot & Playback

iMonitor EAM is able to monitor your workers’ computer screens (live streaming & screenshot) remotely in actual time. And enables you to view your workers’ computers concurrently from 1 to 32 in a sequence.

Control and View Remotely

iMonitor EAM clones offers remote functionality. It is capable of remotely monitoring computer based operations.



Email & Web-Mail

Recording emails that employees send and receive on their computers. And all the mail details are recorded for later viewing, such as content, time, subjects and attachments and many more.

Extensive Reporting Features

The generally online and local reports can be collected by iMonitor EAM clone and can be saved on daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Flexible Blocking Features

Blocking may deny or permit iMonitor EAM clone to access to any website you specify from ever launching or set time sections during which the website is disallowed.

Data Security

iMonitor EAM is the leader of data security software. You can view and block sensitive information from sending and receiving emails, web forms and removable media.



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