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Instagram has been the new social media sensation compared to the other popular social media sites. You can perform your following through just images and videos. To help measure the fan following and to expand your follower range through Instagram, you will require an efficient analytics software such as Iconosquare clone. Management, Analysis, and Engagement are three things you get with Iconosquare. You can manage your Instagram posts through advance scheduling. Draft your posts and let Iconosquare post them when you want them to be posted. You receive notifications at the time of posting so that you know what your followers are looking at on your profile. Customized Instagram feeds allow you to follow certain hashtags and groups. You can even search for hashtags and users. Find out the most influential followers and segment them accordingly. It’s a great marketing tool that lets you find out who is following you back.


Follower Growth measurement

Smartly Calculate your followers growth and simply measure engagement.

Daily lost/ gained followers

Easily track gained and lost followers on a daily basis.

Follower locations

Want to know where your followers come from? Now get to know your followers in detail using this feature.


Top follower identification

Find who is at the top of your followers list. See who is your top likers, top commentators, and who are sharing your posts.

Real-time post performance

To measure the effectiveness of your posts, you can review and compare your performance in real time. Know how people are reacting to it, learn what is working and what is not.

Comments and likes count

Track your Instagram comments and likes easily with Iconosquare Clone. You can dig out the total number of comments and likes your posts have received.


Data filters

Dig into Instagram and take out your desired data by applying filters. Make your search process easy and hassle free.

Hashtag tracking

Track and analyse hashtags that are popular and are performing well. use them in your campaigns and become successful.

Influential posts tracking

Track the most influential people on Instagram and keep an eye on their posts. Know their winning strikes and follow them wisely.


Location-based post tracking

You can now search and track the Instagram posts location wise.

Influential profile spotting

Now reach out to the influencers, spot real ones and get to know them better.

Competitor performance tracking

It is very important to know what your competitors are up to? Now track their performance on social platforms and plan your strategies accordingly.



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