InterGuard Clone

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The employee monitoring software of InterGuard clone can monitor precisely what your staff on their computers are doing. You can readily search for recorded information to view staff activity logs and screenshots. With real-time employee monitoring from InterGuard clone, you can:

  • Monitor Application and Internet Usage
  • Get Real-Time Alerts on Suspicious Behavior
  • Track Productive versus Idle Time

Employee monitoring software enables you to monitor staff behavior rapidly, whether or not employee computers are attached to the network. InterGuard clone is an optimal option for companies that want to monitor remote and distributed employees.


User Activity Monitoring

Record all user activity on the endpoint – even when not connected to the network. All activity is logged, analyzed and indexed for alerts, playback, audit trails and behavioral benchmarking.

File Activity Monitoring

Track which files your insiders are interacting with by recording all document activity – even when not connected to the network. All documents are tracked for deletion, creation & modification.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Create a benchmark of acceptable activity and get notified when any user exceeds or does not reach your selected benchmark.


Web Filter – URL Filtering

Secure your network and enhance employee productivity with enhanced internet content filtering. Our unique agent-based endpoint solution allows you to record and filter web activity, on or off network.

Exfiltration Management

Block or report on sensitive data from leaving via email, web forms and removable media, whether on or off network. Ideal for distributed and remote staff. Policies can be easily customized. InterGuard is Citrix ready.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Find, block or report on sensitive data saved on local drives (even remote laptops), whether on or off network. Ideal for distributed and remote staff. Policies can be easily customized.


Application & Program Control

Select which Applications & Programs can be used on your endpoints. Programs used can also be monitored to detect compliance violations as well as risky applications.

Remote File Deletion

Files on a stolen laptop are usually much more valuable than the laptop itself. InterGuard will let you remotely access a lost or stolen laptop and delete or copy any files or folders that you select.

Endpoint Lockdown

Interact with and take control of a user’s PC/laptop in a potential breach situation. Remotely delete or retrieve files, or lockdown the endpoint if necessary.



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