Kasisto Clone

$4,999.00 $2,499.00

One of the simplest artificial intelligence platforms for mobile-based applications which are commonly used in various small scale and large scale organizations and industries. It is basically a mobile application having a leading-edge technology based on Artificial Intelligence, using which we can deliver new invention of mobile virtual specialists, virtual personal assistants which helps in performing tasks of customers who lack in having deep knowledge of the service along with the customer’s associating with that facility.



Traditional platform

Its conversational AI platform offers an inclusive technology pack, including speech recognition, natural language generation and understanding, and AI reasoning.

Friendly user interface

Its user interface offers multi-modal abilities that let customers quickly and easily access information and achieve complex and simple tasks using text or voice on their smart strategies.

High leverages

So, if you want to get the experience of leverages and leading-edge AI technology, a Rebrandone Product “Kasisto Clone” is one that you can own.



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