Kontentino Clone

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Kontentino clone will help you to manage disparate social media accounts from one platform. It is ideal for freelancers and agencies alike handling a few or dozens of accounts simultaneously. The app streamlines the approval process and scheduling of posts, as well as makes it easier to monitor your social media engagement and campaigns. It is built on an intuitive calendar that allows for an overview of your content across various social pages. Moreover, a simple drag-and-drop tool makes rescheduling and duplicating posts easy. The use of Kontentino enables you to skip long email threads or spreadsheets for the post approval workflow. The app features an interface where your clients can quickly comment beside the proposed post, thereby, fast tracking this stage. Planning a social media strategy is also simplified when all your social channels are synchronized. You even have a preview of different post types that, for example, you want to test before launching. Similarly, you can see how different post types like GIFs, photos, videos, etc. appear as a whole in your campaign using the preview mode. Other key features include one-click Instagram scheduling, idea bank for future posts and international translation.


Intuitive calendar for content creation/planning

Store and get your social media team notified about all the important dates at every place where they create content at.

Live post preview

Helps you to view all posts exactly the way they would look posted on social media platforms.

Post checklist

A post checklist helps you create posts loved by clients and consistent, on-brand social media communication.


One-click Instagram scheduling

Kontentino clone script helps you create, review and schedule your Instagram posts the easiest way.

Client portal for post approval

Intuitive and convenient client interface for quick content approval.

Idea bank for future posts

Organize your content management workflow and keep all posts and related activities transparent and documented.


Archive for all your visual content

Store and manage all your image catalogs at one place to have it accessible to your social media managers in one go.

International translation

Involve your translator in content creation and see translated copy text right next to the original post.

Tagging for content types

Allows to tag pages and different content types in an easy go.


Boost budget summary

Easily plan and control boost budgets for your posts and distribute your budget amongst your posts and get them approved by clients.

UTM tag builder

Helps you to directly create custom UTM tags while planning your posts for better analytics.

Audience restriction

Kontentino Clone helps you to limit the visibility of planned content to specific demographics, based on different things like responsibility reasons, specific country or language, etc.



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