Linkody Clone


A “Linkody Clone” Rebrandone product basically sums up the amount of site back links. It demonstrates the full information and status of the back links of your website. This is a precise replica containing similar characteristics that Linkody actually comprises.



Link Management

It shows the number of live links and dead links of your domains and demonstrates on which date and time the backlinks were formed and become dead.

E-mail notifications

You will get notifications through email everyday informing you about the formation of new links for your domain.

Around-the-clock support

The 24×7 working bots of Linkody clone counts the number of active back link of your domains that is you will get up to date results at any instant.


Backlink checker

Linkody clone helps in monitoring backlinks and sends you a notification if you gain or lose back link. Also identifies and disallows bad links and provide desired analytics and SEO metrics.

SEO Metrics

Linkody SEO metrics helps you with your link building by monitoring your back links and sending you daily reports about the quality of back links.

Link Analytics

Provides analytics to analyse your backlink profile and optimize your link building.



So, as a smart entrepreneur you want to improve your website ranking and revenues, a Rebrandone most budding product “Linkody Clone” is the perfect one that can impact the same as the “ Linkody” can do.



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