MicroWorkers Clone

$1,699.00 $999.00

Microworkers is an innovative online platform from all over the globe that connects employers and workers. Our distinctive strategy ensures employers that a task paid is effectively accomplished task while at the same time ensuring that a work finished is a job paid.



Flexible Geo-targeting

Easy way to deliver different types of content or advertisements to various consumers based on their geographic locations.

Unique Task Assignment for Every Worker

Helps in providing unique tasks for each worker depending upon the campaign.

Choose your Workers

Employers can include their own group members by referring the workers based on their reputation. The higher reputation the employee have in a certain category, the better chances for getting hired.


Extend a Campaign

Rate the submitted tasks in order for your campaign to resume or extent. For example, when you disapprove of a task, a new position will open for another Worker to complete, and your campaign will extent until the new position is utilized.

Easy Task Rating

Basic tasks are usually set around 1-7 days to rate, since the workers submissions may already be verified within the certain period of time, therefore task rating is quite simple.



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