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Oktopost Clone is a platform particularly suitable in a B2B environment.  We often talking about the requirement to track the results from sharing content on Social Media and Oktopost Clone has got excellent mechanisms for this. All links can be tracked and with it’s integration with Google analytics you can monitor the results.  It also has excellent features for LinkedIn group posting and monitoring the results of content posted. Oktopost is one of today’s most popular social media management platforms, thanks to which diverse companies and organizations retain control of their large-scale content dissemination to social media regardless of he number of profiles and company pages they own. The platform can also be used to create and manage quality social campaigns to promote virtually all kinds of social content. Oktopost follows each lead your business generates, and gives you the analytics needed to determine which networks, profiles, and posts are most effective. It means that you can apply it to measure all of your marketing activities, click results, engagement, and conversions, but also discover content that would position your business among the topic leaders. While other systems are focus predominantly on engagement and brand awareness, Oktopost lets you manage content and gauge the true business value of your social media marketing. It is also a fully-equipped collaboration system for small and large teams that doesn’t require complex and expensive implementation.


Full control over social media management

Full social media management functionality across a range of platforms.

Smart Performance Monitoring

Integrates with Google Analytics and uses Google URL Tracking which means that you can monitor the performance of any link shared.

Ample Support

Very comprehensive support for LinkedIn groups where you can share content to specific groups and monitor results.


Varied Platforms Integrations

Integrates with a variety of other platforms such as Salesforce and Marketo.

Post to Multiple social channels

Posting to a variety of social networks and also to LinkedIn Groups.  With the LinkedIn groups you can see which groups are responding to the updates you share.

URL optimization

Custom URLs used for all postings, so everything is tracked.



Integrations supported

Google Analytics, bit.ly, Marketo, GoToWebinar, Act-on, Salesforce.

Lead tracking

You can embed code in your lead generation forms so you can track links shared to leads generated.

Auto Publish to all Social channels

Publish to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+


Build smart social media campaigns

Create social campaigns that match your marketing goals.

Content pre scheduling

Schedule content distribution in advance.

Link Shortening

Save time with automatic link shortening.



Link Preview Text & Thumbnails Customizing

Customize link preview text and thumbnails.

Add inputs to multiple platforms

Attach images and photos from multiple channels.

Calendar Integrations

Drag and drop calendar rescheduling.


Geo Targeting

Geo-target posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Company Pages.

Managing permissions and roles

Assign roles and permissions to each Oktopost user.

Manage user levels

Segment team members’ access to campaigns and social profiles.


Content curations made easy

Curate content from your favorite publications using feedly.

Effective tracking and monitoring

Track Twitter favorites, retweets, mentions, lists and keywords.

Auto-Reply comments

Receive and reply to comment on any of your posts.


Manage your pages

Monitor LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn company pages.

Solid measurement Protocol

Measure click results, conversions, and engagement for every post, message, or source.

Amplify Your Social Reach

Leverage your advocates’ untapped social reach.


Auto-Like Posts

Like Facebook and LinkedIn posts.

Tailor Content references

Get content recommendations based on engagement.

Social Media Analytics

Effectively collecting and analysing data from all the social media channels.



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