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Ola is one of India’s top taxi service providers, the software application is their primary resource for offering services. This application is a portable software application that uses a cab to order book rides. This application is robust to manage a lot of clients, for this reason this app is cloned and it is very well known. This is called Ola Clone Plugins, where the Ola app has a number of characteristics.

Apart from offering taxi facilities to clients, Ola App has a wide range of services. Ola type Taxi App is commonly sought after by many entrepreneurs as well as company startups to provide services, and this has received a strong reception among individuals, which is interesting. Our app is celebrated among entrepreneurs, but it is sadly one of the most demanding and difficult clone scripts that can be achieved. The app works in an automated manner ; where customers have to switch on the GPS to automatically find themselves in the map shown in the app after logging in to the user.

The Ola Ready Made Clone, the app cloned from the initial app created by Ola Cabs, is very advanced, just like the Ola app. According to the comfort of the user, the app is used to book cabs ; it also has a nice tailored choice for customers to choose the vehicle type cabs. In addition, Ola offers cab services in multiple kinds of vehicles such as sedan, hatchback, SUVs and many other kinds of cars for the fulfillment of clients. And the app is easy and clean, making everybody likes it.


Tracking of Vehicles

This application’s car monitoring function enables the user monitor the moving car and see how far it has yet to reach.

Tracking of Users

User tracking is the function that is comparable to the last function, but here the user is tracked, this is mostly used by the driver to monitor where he.


Estimation of Time

Time Estimator is the calculation of the time used to cover the distance between the source and the destination.


Calculate Fare

Fare Calculator is the function used to calculate the fare using the user’s source and target locations.

Price Card

Rate Card is a feature similar to the feature described above, but not the same, as this feature displays the basic charging information per distance.

Method of Payment

Most clients are pleased with this flexible payment method function that helps the customer pay online or offline wherever they want.


SMS alerts

SMS alert is the company’s function for updating the data they want you to understand.

Email alerts

Email alerts The email alert is a function that is completely comparable to SMS alerts, but it sends the alerts via email.


Sharing is the function that has revolutionized taxi apps, as this function allows two or more users to share the same taxi, making it cheaper for clients, reducing traffic and also making it environmentally friendly.


Options of Vehicles

Customers are also happy with this function where the customer can select the car they want according to their usage and convenience.

Booking Schedule

Schedule Booking is the function that enables us to book a car for a day, once a week or once a month in a schedule.

Save Address

Address Saving is the feature that helps you to save an address that you want to save or use on a regular basis, making it easy for you to give the source or destination.


Booking History

Booking History is one of those options that saves your journey information such as travel cost, source, destination, etc. and enables the user record all the journeys he / she traveled using this application.

Edit Profile

Edit Profile Edit Profile is the application’s feature that helps the user add or remove information and use the application as he / she wishes.


Feedback is the function that helps the user rate the journey he / she traveled using the application and voice his / her view.



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