Ourtime Clone

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Our time clone is for mature males and females with an easy task: to assist singles with significant links in their 50s, 60s and beyond spark. Our distinctive focus is to celebrate this moment of your life and help you discover the link you are looking for in quality.

Whether it’s marriage, romance, friendship or companionship, we want to assist you find someone unique with whom you can celebrate this moment of your lives. We are also user friendly and secured dating app for individuals over 50.

As we personally review all profiles and photographs to assist guarantee the highest match quality for you, and we have fully redesigned our app with a focus on simplicity. Customizing your profile for better match-making has now become very simple!


Share your story

Allows you to share about yourself, your views, and also about other things with the ourtime users.

Create personalized profile

Easily customize your profile by including pictures and sharing things with other people about your life goals and achievements.

Tailored search option

Customize your search and look for profiles of women or men depending upon your choice and gain personalized matches.


Generate custom built search

Obtain a customized, curated daily match list that meets your search criteria.

Send and obtain an infinite amount of likes

This helps in sending likes on the profiles of your loved one, which provides a greater chance to connect and associate with each other.

Find inter-relationship status

Discover mutual relationships by seeing who you like.



Mingle with other users

Send emails to other users to engage in discussion and receive emails from other employees immediately.

Check the online status of your loved ones

Helps in knowing when your loved ones are online and when they are checking and reading your messages.


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