Poker Mafia Clone

$7,499.00 $4,999.00

Poker Mafia is an application for poker games commonly played on Facebook and comparable social networking website. Poker mafia is a game that integrates the common poker game with a mafia role playing setup. We are pleased to announce that for users with incredible characteristics, Rebrandone has created the Poker Mafia Clone. It can be easily accessible on both the Android and iOS platforms. Presently, there are over 198,200 monthly active users, and that figure is constantly rising.



Huge Bonus

Get chips right from the lobby.

Easy sign up

Log in with your Facebook credentials .

Real-time games

Play live in real time with real people.


Easy accessibility

Connect over your cellular or WiFi network .

Friendly associations

Chat with players at your table.

Large number of players

Play with the best poker players from all over the world.


Watch high stakes poker

Provides you high bonus prices and amounts after winning.

Easy to learn

Takes 5 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master!


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