Publer Clone

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Publer clone is a social media management software that grants users total control over their social media accounts, from approving subscribers, scheduling posts, and responding to comments to name a few. It provides users with a centralized dashboard where they can put all their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts in one single, unified environment for easy access, management, and collaboration with other members of their social media team. Post scheduler removes the pain of posting posts across multiple social media accounts at specific times. Publer automates the scheduling process and posting so that users can work on other pressing priorities. Users can schedule a few posts to hundreds with Publer’s bulk scheduling feature. Users can invite other users and assign them roles and assignments based on access levels. Powerful and detailed analytics help users evaluate and gauge the reach and engagement of their posts across social media networks to see which ones work and which efforts require additional attention and configuration.


Post Schedule

Manage and Schedule your posts across the Facebook Pages & Groups, Twitter, Google My Business locations and LinkedIn Profiles & Pages and many more.

Automated Scheduling and Posting

Setup a posting schedule and simply fill up your queue. Publer clone will schedule the posts automatically for you.

Bulk Scheduling

From using a CSV file to importing links from RSS feeds, to a large multimedia uploader, to an integrated multi-post scheduler. All the tools that you need in one location for mass scheduling.


Team Collaboration

Create different teams, invite other members and assign them different roles and activities for each social account you manage.


See the reach and commitment of your posts across various social networks from the same place and get delivered to your mailbox with the top performers list.

Tailored Posts

Easily custom fit your post depending on the place where you are posting, i.e. shorter text to twitter, emojis to linked in and more number of pictures to Facebook.



Protect your work and increase brand awareness by automatically adding watermark to all the videos and photos you would like to post with your own logo.


Automatically add a signature to your posts. Perfect for providing a contact info in each post when posting online.

Recurring Posts

Limitless options to schedule things, for every two days, every Friday, every three months and so on. Ideal for recurring events or sales.


Post Callbacks

Timeline your comments, post something on a social account and share it automatically to the rest of the social accounts or delete posts automatically after a certain time.

Saved Drafts

If your posts are not ready or if you wish to reuse them again then save them as drafts.

Calendar View Mode

View your scheduled posts in a list mode or easily visualize them using the calendar view mode.



Link Shortening and Tracking

Automatically shorten your links, including those in post descriptions. It also works in bulk.

Upload Media From URL

Simply copy-paste URLs, and easily upload videos and photos to the hosting provided on the Internet.

Group The Accounts

Select where you’re posting to much faster, simply by grouping the social accounts on your dashboard into groups that you get to create.


Delay Between Posts

Add some delay between your posts when scheduling or posting simultaneously to multiple social accounts to make them look a little less robotic.

Ambassador Program

Get Paid by referring Publer to your family, friends, colleagues or anyone on the Internet.


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