Rank Watch Clone

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Rank Watch is one of the cloud-based Web Marketing platforms, that provides their assistance to gain more traffic by focusing on areas such as Rankings, Analytics, Backlinks, etc. Rebrandone’s Rank Watch Clone is a tool that can turn marketing from Magic to Science, and assists businesses to grow. If you want a clone of Rank Watch, then you are at the right place. Order it now, to get the most efficient Rank Tracking and Observing tool.

It is also quite effective in tracking the rank and ultimately profit the companies and website tycoons with the vital data supplied to monitor and evaluate the progress of the particular keyword to the URL.



Easy and Effective SEO management

Allows consumers to see all their digital marketing campaigns keenly and offers them with actionable information to work on.

100 % White Label Solutions for the Customers

Allows customers to access their Ranking data by using their own distinctive login credentials to produce unlimited reports at any moment of the day.

Keyword Collection

It provides access to historic data for your keywords by saving the screenshot of the Google SERP for future reference.




CEO Dashboard

Helps in taking company related decisions swiftly and with complete confidence. It also helps to track your business performance and monitor using correct checkpoints.

Advanced Reporting

This feature helps in delivering the scheduled reports depending upon the desired date and time. It can also be scheduled on a daily weekly or monthly basis.

City Based Rank Tracking

Provides precise ranking based on the location as well as the customer’s results. Also allows choosing the search engine along with the specific city on which you want to monitor your keyword rankings.


Email alerts

Get automated Email notifications of any change in your rankings by setting specific conditions on when you want to be notified of such changes through RankWatch clone.

Competitors Analysis

Find’s out who your toughest competitor is and what ads they are running and how many keywords of yours they are ranking on.

Integrate with Google Analytics

The main purpose is to provide our users with inbound marketing data to make better, strategically sound and informed decisions to improve the online performance of the business.


Website Analyzer

It is a module that focuses on studies into what makes a website stand out of the rest or makes it imperceptible. A website is neatly informed and tested on comprehensive parameters ranging from technology, social media, and mobile that are crucial to scoring in order to rank and become more noticeable to customers.

Provides a 360-degree solution to all your SEO requirements and also provides various USP’s to their advantage.


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