Sendible Clone

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The Sendible clone has many features and includes CRM. It helps in auto-posting, scheduling and managing the posts, mart queues, social inbox, RSS feeds integration. It gives a full specified report in a statistic manner. Sendible clone is an elegant software that provides social media management. More generally, it represents a businesses platform dedicated to monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement which can be equally useful to small, medium, and large businesses from all industries. What is particularly interesting about the product is that it can also measure ROI from the very same dashboard you’re using to schedule messages and manage social networks. Sendible clone offers a powerful and advanced platform that is designed to drive growth and effective social media marketing with the help of the tools the platform provides. Depending on the package, you can manage up to 360 services and involve 20 of your team members. The system is fully integrated with a variety of social networks, but it also offers open APIs which allow you to connect it to as many services as you need. On top of that, Sendible clone is moderately priced to suit the needs of different users, with a package for individuals, startups and growing companies, the same as established businesses and corporations.


Simplify social media posting

The posting features are very simple to use, it gets published at that moment and also it can be scheduled.

Schedule posts

The posts get scheduled easily to the given date and time.

Helpful Notification panel

Notification panel makes the task easy. It notifies on each and every task done.


Lead Generation

It takes the feeds from respective RSS feed and then posts them which makes the task much easier and helps to gain great leads.

Integrated analytics and tracking

It has good analytics and the statistics is maintained well to get them every day activities easily.



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