Social Studio Clone

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Socio Studio clone helps too, Listen, engage, and publish using a powerful all-in-one social media marketing and management suite — and connect enriched social data to your marketing with sales and service. Social Studio is a product under the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that administers your marketing strategy across all social media channels. It helps businesses tap into the power of social media in their marketing, customer service, and sales organizations. Managing your community and scheduling posts is streamlined while critical communications are automatically forwarded to the right department in your company. Social Studio harnesses social conversations that enable businesses to listen, analyze, publish, and engage with customers on a personal level, which helps improve overall interaction, as well as better returns for the company as well. On top of that, the system is priced by a quote, and you get a price specifically tailored to your business needs and requirement. So far, the system integrates with Salesforce.


Social Media Engagement.

Securely manage your company’s entire social presence across teams. Create workspaces and access based on role or group to ensure brand consistency.

Market Intelligence.

Get the full picture of the company’s customers, competition, existing market and growth potential.

Campaign Collaboration.

Draft, share, schedule, review, and approve content. Access stock photos, trending topics, and more — on your desktop or in a mobile app.



Helps in providing Competitor Analysis, Content Engagement, Attribution, report customizability and many more.

Customizable Dashboards

Allows you to market the overview of your products, events, and campaigns, then share your display on every screen in your office, regardless of size.

Machine Learning

Helps in streamlining your process, by automatically routing customer activity to the appropriate role in either marketing, sales, or service.up.


ML Sentiment Analysis

Check out your brand sentiments and prioritize posts which helps in achieving great leads.

Customer Service Cases

Get comprehensive multi-channel views of every customer relationship — plus in-depth explorations of email campaigns, social care, and every brand journey.

Content Management

Securely manage your company’s entire social presence across teams. Create workspaces and access based on role or group to ensure brand consistency.


Grow Your Audience

Boost high-performing social posts with built-in social advertising. Reach new customers and markets.

Image Recognition

Easily identify and detect the feature or an object in a digital image or video.

Real Discussion Insights

Get detailed insights and reports on all your social media marketing campaigns.


User and Team Workspaces

Now share files safely in one Centralized content location. Solid network of defined work areas for your project management.

Single Customer View

Easily create a profile of your customer and get a clear overview of where they are at in respect to your business.

Post Priority

Want your most exclusive content to be on top? Now adjust which posts will be at first and which will go last by setting up priorities.


Brand Sentiment

Gain effective understanding of how your brand is being perceived by the audience which you have targeted.

Automatic Routing

Achieve a better understanding of where your business is and in which direction you need to move ahead.

Topic Profiles

With topic profiles, you can search for topics and get the matching posts already present in the social media in the engage section.


Role- and Group-based Access

Now provide access to the network as well as the information based on the roles. You can create group at once and can provide access accordingly.

Campaign Collaboration

Join forces with other brands to work on a long-term or short-term campaigns and share the profits.

Salesforce Mobile Apps

Easily provide instant access to your company’s CRM data from a phone, system or a tablet.


Built-in Social Advertising

In order to make your viewers see your brand in their social media feeds, target audiences on particular networks through demographic data.

Customer Interactions

Manage interactions with your customers so as to empower your company’s growth and make them fall in love with your brand.

Campaign Results Tracking

Smartly analyse and track the results of your campaigns so as to know the performance and the loopholes.


Target Insights

Learn in detail about your targeted audiences to get a better understanding of their preferences.

Comprehensive Multichannel Customer View

Make your practices customer centric with optimizing the multi-channel customer view.



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