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SocialOomph Clone is a social media management tool that provides a broad range of functionality for sharing content, finding people to follow on Twitter and much more. It has a poor user interface but with good functionality.
SocialOomph is an app designed by a Canada-based firm operating as part of the 3827992 Canada Inc. division. The app has been in the market since its inception in April 2008. Previously known as, the app concentrates on social media solutions for Twitter. But in August 2009, the app expanded its functionality by covering other social media networks. To support this expansive strategy, app was renamed as SocialOomph.
Originally launched as a tool to aid users in seeking out friends within Twitter, Social Oomph has grown immensely since then. The app is recommended for users seeking to increase their visibility and followers in social media.


Auto-post with queues

Create a queue of content for auto scheduling to a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Twitter Advanced Search

Find relevant people to follow on Twitter with advanced filters.

Track keyword mentions

Now analyse and keep track of wherever your keywords gets mentioned.


Schedule and publish blog posts

Proper scheduling and publishing of blog posts.

Scheduling of tweets

Auto schedule your tweets as per your prescribed time slots.

Scheduling update & status

You can schedule your status and updates wisely.


Tracking of keywords

Smartly track your keyword position rankings.

Scheduling of blog posts

Auto- schedule your blog posting work into an optimized format that is proved to work best on every social network.

Auto RSS feeds

Always have fresh and unique content by importing it from RSS feeds.


URL shortener

You can now shorten, create and shared reliable, powerful links for your business.

Auto-DM & follow-back

Now auto-DM new followers so as to increasing your following by receiving follow-backs.

Creation & publishing of blog posts

Now create the content of your blog posts before hand and publish them duly.


Scheduling sharing

Auto scheduled sharing of your posts.

Automated removal of updates

Auto removal of installed updates that are preventing your system.


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