Spredfast Clone

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Spredfast clone is a very powerful and open social software platform that enables businesses to link with their clients, prospective customers, and people that matter to them. The platform is built on modern technology that allows them to manage their presence in social media channels, create powerful and effective social media campaigns, and evaluate their performance. Spredfast revolutionizes the way businesses connect and remain connected to their audience by leveraging the power of social media to create strong connections and devise and implement effective social media strategies using intelligent data and actionable insights. With Spredfast, businesses will have a smooth and easy time building their brand as well as encouraging brand loyalty among their consumers. Reliable data and actionable insights allow them to be braver and more aggressive with their strategies and see their business grow exponentially. With Spredfast, businesses can effortlessly gather intelligent and reliable social data in real time. These features allow them not just to monitor their audience, but also follow their performance against the competition and improve campaign effectiveness almost instantly from a well-designed, intelligent interface. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes designing and customizing contests, sweepstakes, survey forms, and more a breeze. Using intelligent, real-time data, Spredfast helps form smart marketing strategies that work.


Smart social media management

Spredfast clone script helps you to plan, collaborate, report, and surface insights from social media—in one platform.

Content Management

Curated social content for every digital property.

Unlimited, real-time social data

Maintain a knowledge base for quick access to pre-approved responses, images, and links.


Custom social campaign management

Create and customize social campaigns that match your marketing goals.

Robust integrations and collaborations

Easily collaborates and integrates with a variety of platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Use our social media marketing platform to leverage the power of social and build your brand.


Unparalleled support and training

Automatically surface the conversations you care about and provides reporting and analytics to boost your team’s efficiency.

Social listening and analytics

Gain valuable insights and an overall view of how your account and campaigns are performing.


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