Telegram Clone

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Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use end-to-end encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient.

Simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. Over 200 million active users in four years.Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.


Audio Calling

Due to the popularity of the features, our Whatsapp-like chat software includes in-app calling functionality & video chatting.

Push Notifications

ntegrating this function is essential as consumers can obtain alerts about the place of the driver, travel fares, and other appropriate information during the Uber development phase.

Time of Arrival

Using ETA, customers can understand exactly when the driver will bring them from their location to pick them up.



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