Titan Poker Clone

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Titan Poker is one of the most exciting online poker games that are becoming popular very fast with many poker players. The Rebrandone-developed player-friendly and realistic clone of Titan Poker provides a broad variety of tournament and ring gameplay.

Titan Poker clone comes with easy cash deposit/withdrawal, payment management, option for currency conversion, affiliate control, and spam protection. Users can invite friends to play and receive a bonus. This clone also promotes multi-table play in a single table with 10 players at a moment.



Lobby View

It’s easier than ever to get to the table or tournament you want to join!
Ring games and tournaments are organized in a simple menu on the left side of the screen of the Titan Poker software.

Mini Table View

Contains all the key information you need at a glance for each tourney and cash game you’re in. You’ll be able to see all of your hole cards at once alongside the number of players, timer, status and the position of the currently active player.

Titan Poker Points

A Huge number of points are rewarded based on the real money gameplay.




Real-time Game History

Provides you the game history of all the games you have played and that too in real-time.

Multi-Currency Options

Play your favorite game with the currency of your choice.

Real-time Transaction History

Provides you the complete history of the whole amount of money transacted.


Auto Re-buy in Tournaments

Auto rebuy feature is applicable for tournaments, which allows a player to rebuy chips in a tournament when their chips go below a threshold level.

Toast Notifications

A small box appears on the bottom of the screen which notifies the user of a system occurrence.

Widget Bar

This Widget Bar enables players to use different fun tools while playing poker, including changing the theme of the poker table. Other widgets are mini casino games, aside tourney lobby, Titan Poker news feed, etc.


Buy-in & Fee Consolidation

To simplify the view in the tournament and sit and go lobby, the buy-in and fee will show as one consolidated.

Four Color Deck Option

Do you have a hard time telling Hearts and Diamonds apart? Choose our Four Color Deck option and you’ll see the cards in four distinct colors!

Keyboard Play Support

Use our keyboard shortcuts to make your multi-table poker sessions simpler. Special hotkey options for folding, checking, calling, betting, and increasing can be found on the betting slider.


Player Notes

Get a head start when playing against teams you’ve played with-in the past. Simply press on the name of the player and you can add a short note to that player, this note will be presented whenever you encounter that player.

Hand History Replay Tool

The “Replayer” is a Flash component that enables you to replay a complete session in a video format, hand by side. This innovative function enables you to review every hand from the last 30 days of your previous sessions.

Quick Deposit Functionality

You can now make the deposit directly from the poker table and at just a single click of the mouse.



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