Udemy Clone

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Udemy is the world’s destination for training, online courses and tutorials that helps the students make moves. Starting business was never so easy, but Rebrandone can help you to start a business similar to Udemy. Rebrandone’s Udemy Clone is an exact mockup of the original one. So, what are you waiting for! Order it now to make money easily!



Menu Management

The admin can manage the front end as well as the backend menus, using menu management. Our Udemy Cl.

Website Security And Firewall

With strong security and firewall, the site is absolutely free from virus attacks. we use CSRF token to enhance the website security, so that the admin can be free from malwares, spyware, worms or any Trojan.

Forum Management

Forum is an important asset for any business that they work as a vital marketing tool, by allowing the users to visit and participate in the forum conversations.


Hi-Tech Learning

Our Udemy Clone offers hi-tech learning through video learning facilities, audio learning along with the regular study materials.

Internal Message System

Internal message system in our Udemy Clone allows to compose, send and receive messages. The users can check out their inbox, starred, sent, draft and trash messages

Banner Management

Super admin can manage the banners on the home page. Banners on the home page can be used to send important messages, in a clear and bold way. Image message reaches the people instantly.


Email Templates

Creating email templates to send during registration of new account, account activation, reset password, course feedback, course survey, course approve mail, course rating, new course announcement mail, course deleted details, course joined is made easier with this module.

Social Sharing

Users are allowed to share their profiles and the productive functional courses offered through social media sites. Make use of the social media craze, which has spawned into a trusted recommendation online.

SEO Friendly

With our Udemy Clone script, your site is absolutely optimised with SEO concepts. The major search engines can easily crawl and show up the ite on the first few pages, immediately after the launch.



Instructor Credits

The instructors accumulate credits for the payment made for their courses, posted on the website, while the money reaches the admin.

Module Management

Our Udemy Clone facilitates the admin to manage the inbuilt modules, without any hazards. If required, the admin can also create modules, install modules or backup, without changing the website basic codes.

Database Management

Database management tool assists the admin to simply manage the entire site database, within no time. The admin can manage banners, blogs, courses, forum, newsletter and notification, all in one feature.


Course Discussion

The users are allowed to discuss about their course online, either with their instructors or other students, simultaneously.

Course certification

our Udemy Clone has features to offer course certification online, once a user completes his course. A certificate of appreciation or completion can be given at the end of the course or after successfully passing a test.



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