UFO Space Shooting Game Clone

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UFO Space Shooting Game is a simple and easy Flash shooting game for iPhone. In UFO Space Shooting Game you have to shoot down the alien UFOs before they bomb the two major cities. The user needs to drive an airplane fighter and protect himself from enemies such Aliens, Grouped Aliens and Mother Ships that fire on the Hero’s jet plane. The Game has 10 levels. Each Level is completed on the basis of points that you gain by shooting the enemies.



Interactive UI

The user interface is very appealing and interactive. The design layout is exceptional.

Fun and Easy to use

Users will find this game easy to use and it is loaded with fun.

High Quality Display

The display quality is top notch which makes this game more interesting.


User Friendly

This game is very simple and user friendly.

Fascinating graphics

The graphics of this game is  ultimate.

OpenFeint enabled

This game is OpenFeint enabled.



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