Upcounsel Clone

$3,845.00 $2,499.00

UpCounsel is an all legal services marketplace. UpCounsel Clone from Rebrandone can make it easy to find, hire, and pay cost-effective, talented, and local attorneys. It makes legal services easily accessible to every individual and business by using technology to reinvent the traditional legal model.




Provides High quality lawyers to review and customize your contract.


Helps in getting high quality lawyers to research and register your trademark.

Business Formations

Offers high quality lawyers to form your business.



Enables the high end attorney to research and file your patent.


Offers an establishment to the high quality lawyers to handle your labor, employment and HR needs.

General Counsel

Provides a connection with high quality lawyers to handle your outside general counsel work.



Allows to associate with high quality lawyers to handle your visa and immigration needs.

Real Estate

High quality lawyers on-demand to handle your Outside Real Estate work.

Securities and Finances

Store and manage an unlimited number of documents. Keep your documents organized, secured and always accessible for your team.



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