Veriato 360 clone

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Veriato Cerebral adds a whole new dimension to employee monitoring, allowing you to record and review on your PCs, Macs and Android devices anything or everything that your employees do use. Cerebral provides easy cloud and on-site execution alternatives. You can deploy and handle the Cerebral dashboard recorders so you never need to visit the devices of the staff manually.


DVR playback and Screen recorder

Imagine a monitoring camera pointing straight to each PC / MAC / Android, filming everything on screen activity, and safely storing it for later evaluation.

Searchable Video Review

Reviewing screen recordings is easy with DVR-like controls that are easy to use by Veriato. Just click “Play” to see exactly what the computer was doing.

Track Productivity

Cerebral will monitor how long a program is open and, more importantly, how long it is actively used by an employee. An account receivable representative who has an accounting program open all day, but using it for only 15 minutes is a sure indication of difficulty!


Keyword and Event Alerting

Receive productivity alerts and security alerts using this software.



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