WSOP Poker Clone

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Poker’s World Series (WSOP) is the world’s biggest and most famous poker tournament. Every year, in hopes of winning a WSOP bracelet, thousands of poker players play.

Rebrandone’s WSOP Poker Clone enables users to play multi-level tournaments. As friends with instant messaging service, one can add customers to their contact list. This clone is accessible with distinct design and spam security for both Android and iOS devices.



Free poker chips every 4 hours

Tons of rewards and awards are provided along with free poker chips are given as a price in an interval of every four hours.

Texas Hold’em Tournaments

Various battles and tournaments are conducted with motivates the players to play more games.

Exclusive events

Tons of new and latest events are conducted and organized which helps in getting great rewards and awards.



A club is formed by the WSOP members, where they can share their views and make the whole gaming experience much more interesting.

Poker Recall

One of the interesting features of the WSOP poker clone, in which users need to remember the cards and choose the one after the shuffle.

Poker statistics

Provides you complete poker statistics which helps in making you a better player.


Play live with friends

Provides you the live feature with which you can play with your friends and associate with other co-players.

Continuous play

There are tons of games available which you can play one after the other.

Guest mode

You can also play games in the guest mode, in which you do not need to signup or login.


Facebook connect bonus

This app provides you a bonus when connected or signed up using the Facebook application or Facebook login.

Slots mini-game

Provides you various mini-slots with which you can play the games of your choice in a timely manner.


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