Yala Clone

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Yala is an intuitive, friendly, and lightweight social media management solution designed to put the users’ social media accounts, tasks, and more in one centralized location. This allows for easy management and organization of posts, ads, comments, and response to inquiries among others. It also helps companies, organizations, and even individuals to achieve and maintain visibility in multiple social media environments. With Yala, users can create, edit, and launch social media ad campaigns and schedule posts automatically at the most ideal time. Users can fully harness the power of social media branding, helping them expand their business by creating and maintaining a unique identity in social platforms and promoting brand awareness. It can instantly identify your unique followers and instantly posts content, ads, videos, and graphics that are relevant to them. You no longer have to manually put up unique posts for your specific followers, Yala recognizes them and instantly shows them unique and significant content, enhancing engagement exponentially. This functionality not only save you time, but it ensures that your subscribers are getting what they want, thus satisfying their need for social media content and empowering them to subscribe, convert, purchase, or whatever desired response you have in mind.


Automated Post Scheduling

Get remarkably better exposure and engagement ratio after publish to multiple social networks.

Smart Scheduling

Algorithms calculate the best times to post for each network.

Graphics and Video Content Tools

Create attractive videos and animations and perform better than other trending media.


Branding Tools

Create branded social video ads with a style and quality that’s uniquely yours.


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